Online Workshop With

Bill Sienkiewicz

Artist of Marvel's Elektra: Assassin and Stray Toasters

September 10, 17, & 24

Meet Bill Sienkiewicz

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5-Weeks of Immersion


Our annual five-week illustration workshop is located in Kansas City, KS. For over 20 years, The Illustration Academy has been a leading educational program. Structured like an artist's bootcamp, each day is full of studio time, demonstrations, lectures, drawing, critiques, tutorials, and research. In addition to this packed schedule, students study and practice figure drawing with a  live model. Many evenings are reserved for sidebar demonstrations by the faculty and networking opportunities.

Academy Instructors

We take great pride in the roster of working professionals who instruct at the Academy each summer. We passionately believe that this program has become an integral springboard for so many careers thanks to these visiting mentors who share their industry secrets without hesitance.


Academy Online Workshops

Don't have time to attend The Illustration Academy this summer? No worries! Check out our online workshop starting September 2016! 

Academy Experiences

It kicks my ass every time. It’s bootcamp for artists.
— Paul Temple, storyboard illustrator, Academy graduate
Attending the Academy was like getting the Keys to the Kingdom. It opened doors and established relationships
— Ted Kinsella, Illustrates for New Yorker, Rolling Stone, The Atlantic, Academy instructor & graduate
You realize how much you don’t know and by the end of 5-weeks, you know everything.
— Lee Parks, Academy graduate
The instructors at the academy approach teaching as mentors. There’s no better way to do it.
— Mark English, Illustration Academy Co-founder

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