Jon Foster Commissioned for MTV's 'Teen Wolf'

Recently, Jon Foster was contacted by MTV to work on a promotional illustration to market Season 5B of TV's contemporary fantasy series, 'Teen Wolf'. Jon's final work resulted in hundreds of figures, creating an powerful mural. Within the image, there are little vignettes for fans to find.

Foster says, "These small scenes of characters and events are a combination of things that have happened in previous seasons, as well as some mysterious symbols of possible things to come. It seems that a lot is going to happen in season 5B!"

The deadline for this project was very quick, but Jon says time flew by in the best way.

"Who can ever get bored of drawing werewolves and zombies?"

Jon Foster will be instructing at the Illustration Academy Summer 2016. Jon has instructed at the academy on several occasions and is a seasoned veteran of the industry.