Bill Koeb to Instruct at Illustration Academy 2016

The Summer 2016 Workshop will mark the first year that artist, Bill Koeb, will be instructing at The Illustration Academy. One of several new additions to the list of instructors, Bill Koeb will be instructing alongside Mark English, Wesley Burt, John English, and George Pratt. Koeb will be attending the first week of The Illustration Academy.

This will be the first summer that Bill Koeb instructs at The Illustration Academy.

This will be the first summer that Bill Koeb instructs at The Illustration Academy.

Bill's experience in the fine art and entertainment industry is as remarkably successful as it is extensive. Koeb worked on the Marvel Comics' series Clive Barker's Hellraiser, the Vertigo miniseries Faultlines and Allen Moore's song, "Hair of the Snake That Bit Me". He developed the artwork for Sarah in the film "The Crow: City of Angels" (1996).

In addition, Koeb's career includes pencil and ink art for Lee Marrs' miniseries, "Faultlines", which Vertigo published. He illustrated the cover for Alan Moore's eight-page story, "The Hair of the Snake That Bit Me" in Caliber Press' Negative Burn #17. Also, Koeb developed the cover and story of Marvel's Interface #7. He also inked DC Comic's "The Hacker Files" #11-12 by Tom Sutton.

Other comics work includes pencil-and-ink art for writer Lee Marrs' six-issue miniseries Faultlines (May-Oct. 1997), published by DC Comics' Vertigo imprint; and the cover and writer Alan Moore's eight-page story "The Hair of the Snake That Bit Me" in Caliber Press' Negative Burn #17 (1995), reprinted in the 1998 Caliber one-shot Alan Moore's Songbook. Additionally, Koeb painted the cover and the 28-page story of Marvel/Epic's Interface #7 (Nov. 1990); drew the parody comic Aesop's Desecrated Morals #1 (Rip Off Press, 1993); and inked Tom Sutton on DC Comics' The Hacker Files #11-12 (June–July 1993).

The Illustration Academy couldn't be more excited to welcome Bill Koeb to the program as an instructor. 

The Illustration Academy's 2016 summer workshop is scheduled for June 13 - July 15. During the 5-week illustration bootcamp, students are exposed to an immersive educational environment that explores and maps out the secrets to the illustration industry. The Academy's mission is to shorten the gap that exists between the student and the working professional.

Follow Bill on Instagram using the handle, @BillKoeb

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