Illustration Academy Hosted on Rockhurst University Campus

The Illustration Academy is proud to announce that the 2016 Summer Workshop will be hosted on Rockhurst University's campus, located in Kansas City, MO. This iconic location is within walking distance of the Nelson Atkins Museum, The Kemper Museum, the Country Club Plaza, Westport, and a number of other outstanding art venues. Our central location in the city gives visiting students an amazing opportunity to absorb and enjoy the culture of Kansas City. 

During their stay, visiting students are highly encouraged to stay at Rockhurst University's Townhouse Village Units.


The Townhouse Village Units are furnished, two-story, apartment-style living spaces. These units are located on Rockhurst University's campus and include 24 hour surveilance by campus police. In addition, the Townhouse Village neighbors the student workshop and classrooms, which is where all of The Illustration Academy's activities and events will be hosted. Staying on campus is not only a tremendously cost-effective and accessible lodging solution, but it also allows students to fully enjoy and benefit from The Illustration Academy community that manifests during the program.

Townhouse Village Unit Rates:

  • Single/Private: $55.00 per night ($385 per week)
  • Doubles/roommates: $32.50 per night ($227.50 per week)

Townhouse Village Unit resources available include:

  • In-hall laundry facilities
  • Kitchens
  • Individual beds
  • Dressers
  • Desks with chair
  • Common space entertainment center
  • Common space dining Room table and chairs
  • Air conditioning
  • Wireless & wired internet access
  • Secure entries
  • Security Cameras

Book Your Housing

Students who have already registered for the program and/or made deposits to attend The Illustration Academy may pay to reserve their Townhouse Village Unit before arriving in Kansas City. Payments are due before the beginning of the program. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to select your housing option. We also offer a PayPal option on our "Accommodations" page

Reserve Your Spot at The Academy!

With over a dozen of today's most outstanding working professional instructing at The Academy this summer, it goes without saying that this is a monumental and exciting year for our program. Spots are going fast and we are anticipating a record-breaking attendance. 

To reserve your attendance at The Illustration Academy Summer Workshop, students must register and either pay their tuition in full or cover the 15% deposit. Artists are still eligible for our quick and easy 0% interest payment plan. Students will book and pay for their housing in addition to the program's tuition. We also offer PayPal options towards the bottom of our "Registration" page.

Summer 2016 Workshop Instructors

○ Bill Sienkiewicz
○ Wesley Burt
○ George Pratt
○ Victo Ngai
○ Mark English
○ John English
○ Gary Kelley
○ Bill Carman
○ Edward Kinsella
○ Jeffrey Alan Love
○ Bill Koeb
○ Sterling Hundley
○ Francis Livingston
○ C. F. Payne

Timmy Trabon