Illustration Academy Launches Online Platform

This September, the Illustration Academy will be hosting their first live, online, and interactive workshop. The immersive illustration workshop will be led by Eisner Award-winning and Emmy nominated artist, Bill Sienkiewicz. In collaboration with Mr. Sienkiewicz, The Academy plans to extend their education platform in a manner that is flexible and accessible to artists around the world. This will be the first of an ongoing series of workshops. Each upcoming workshop installment will be led by a new artist of various backgrounds and specialties.

About the Workshop

The program consists of three Saturday sessions. The first installment begins on the first Saturday of a month. Using the extremely user-friendly online platform, Adobe Connect, students and instructors are able to interact, chat, share work, and live stream traditional art practices. Each installment of the workshop is roughly 3 hours of content. All together, the course consists of over 9 hours of content. Throughout the duration of the workshop, students will be provided an assignment, which they will craft and develop during the course of the three-week program. The level of professional guidance and mentorship provided to each student by The Illustration Academy is dependent on the learning package each student selects.

Students can select from three separate learning packages. Our educational offerings, Basic Kit, Office Hours, and Mentorship offer increasing levels of personal guidance and one-on-one instruction.

The First Saturday

  • Students receive assignment.
  • Offer descriptions of the assignment and how to proceed.
  • Brief explanation of industry process (This process parallels the communication professional artists share with an industry client).
  • Demonstration by Bill Sienkiewicz on developing an image.

The Second Saturday

  • Critiques of student’s process work. We select a variety of submitted assignments to critique that communicate relevant topics, challenges, and obstacles most effectively to students. Not all students are selected for public critiques. 
  • Thumbnail review
  • Value study
  • Color study

The Third Saturday

  • Critiques of student’s finished assignment (Not all students receive a public critique)

About The Illustration Academy

We believe the best illustrators are a product of great ambition paired with diligent teaching and mentoring. Our career-focused approach to education is pretty simple: connect aspiring artists with the best illustrators in the game. During our our educational programs, students are exposed to an immersive educational environment that explores and maps out the secrets to the illustration industry. Our mission is to shorten the gap that exists between the student and the working professional.

About Bill Sienkiewicz

Bill Sienkiewicz is best known for revamping the style of comic and graphic novel illustration from 1980 onward, most notably with Marvel Comic's Elektra: Assassin and his acclaimed graphic novel Stray Toasters, earning him an international reputation and cult status across media industries. 

He created groundbreaking movie promotional art for The Dark Knight, The Grinch, Unforgiven and the hit video game Resident Evil. Sienkiewicz' character design for the upcoming DreamWorks' film Alcatraz Versus The Evil Librarians has now opened doors for producing. Sienkiewicz is conceptualizing characters for LionsGate's supernatural Western The Man With No Name, which he will executive produce with Braxton Pope. He will also jointly produce, write and direct the film of his Stray Toasters with Jeff Renfroe. 

Timmy Trabon