Karla Ortiz to Instruct at 2017 In-person Workshop

The Illustration Academy is proud to announce that renowned concept artist, Karla Ortiz, will be joining the roster of industry-leading artists teaching at the in-person summer 2017 workshop. Ortiz will be instructing the fifth week of the immersive, industry-focused workshop (July 9 - July 15). During this time, students will learn about career development related to Ortiz's experience in the industry and how she approaches picture-making. Lessons will include exploring techniques and skills, in addition to concept & character development. 


Karla is an award winning artist who enjoys working on a diverse and wide variety of projects.

As a concept artist with over 6 years of professional experience, Karla has worked for Paragon Studios/NcSoft, Ubisoft, Kabam, Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) and Marvel Film Studios.

As a professional Illustrator her clients include Wizards of the Coast, Ace Books, Tor Books and has provided cover work and art for various independent authors and toy makers.

As a fine artist her work has shown in the Studio Gallery SF, the Safehouse studios shows, Thinkspace Art Gallery,  Nucleus Gallery, Spoke Art Gallery and Hashimoto Contemporary.


The Illustration Academy is a 5-week in-person workshop based on the principles of picture-making. Drawing, storytelling and compositional skills are emphasized as the foundation of personal development and better concepts. The best artists come from an understanding of good picture-making skills. There is no better way to advance these skills than by working with the leading illustrators in the world.

The Academy is an intense bootcamp.

Each week of the 5-week workshop, a new group of professional illustrators lecture, present demonstrations, and critique student work. At the beginning of each week students receive a unique industry-related assignment. In between scheduled events, students complete the assignment for review at the end of the week. This structure is designed to mirror the pace and expectations of the creative industry. 

Our program guides students to learn and comprehend the variables, skills, and techniques that make illustrations better. We prepare artists to perform at a professional level.



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