Illustration Academy Launches Draw Without Borders Initiative

The Illustration Academy recently launched Draw Without Borders, a cause-focused initiative to provide free art education to women and other disadvantaged artists around the world. As a branch of The Illustration Academy, Draw Without Borders provides participants with free access to their current archive of live and interactive online workshops.

The Illustration Academy's online workshops are a fully immersive and are taught live. All of the workshops are taught by industry leaders in the illustration industry. The workshops are hosted over a three week period. During this time, students complete an assignment that is closely tied to the entertainment, editorial, commercial, or publishing industry.

The program is designed to bridge the gap between the professional industry and the student. Through meaningful connections, critiques, dialogue, and support, the online workshops foster a mentorship between working professionals and students and acts as a springboard for ambitious and aspiring artists. 

Nahrain Michael, the first Draw Without Borders student, attends from Erbil, Iraq. She attended Jon Foster's workshop "Art of the Cover" and recently completed George Pratt's workshop, "Media Exploration as a Solution". The illustration to the right is a watercolor by Nahrain that was developed during George Pratt's live workshop.

If you would like to learn more about Draw Without Borders or if you think you know an individual or organization that might benefit from the Illustration Academy's initiative, please visit 

Timmy Trabon