Illustration Academy Launches Online Portfolio Development Workshop

The Illustration Academy is proud to announce that acclaimed illustrator, George Cwirko-Godycki, will be instructing an immersive Portfolio Development Workshop. With the assistance of Illustration Academy founder, John English, George will guide artists in the creation of an attention grabbing, professional portfolio. This series of online classes will be fully immersive, interactive and will take place Saturday, Nov. 5, 12, & 19 from 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm CST. 

About the Portfolio Workshop

This 3-part, immersive, and fully-interactive online workshop guides artists through the portfolio development process. This portfolio course is intended to align students’ goals, practice, and focus with careers they plan to pursue in the art industry. This course guides artists through the complicated task of improving their skills, unique approach, perspective, and abilities. Each class is also available on-demand for students who cannot attend the live sessions. The information offered in this workshop is the same information that has assisted the career development of Jeffrey Alan Love, Edward Kinsella, Leslie Herman and many other successful industry all-stars.

Why: This online workshop will help you examine your art and guide your development of a unique and eye-catching portfolio that is relevant to your career path.

When: Saturdays, Nov. 5, 12, & 19 at 2pm - 5pm CST

Where: Online, so anywhere your heart desires! (All of our content is delivered live and online. If your schedule conflicts with the class, you can also watch it on demand.)

About George Cwirko-Godycki

George Cwirko is a freelance artist and illustrator based in San Francisco. George is a veteran illustrator and has worked with clients such as Lagunitas Brewery, Starchin Studios, Metamoki Inc., and many more. Simply put, George is a drawing machine and he has developed a substantial following due to his prolific and seasoned body of work. George was recently a featured artist on Cartoon Brew.

How It Works

Each of our workshops consist of three Saturday sessions. Using Adobe Connect, you and instructors interact, chat, share work, and live stream traditional and digital art. All together, the three sessions consists of over 9 hours of content. Throughout the duration of the workshop, you are provided an assignment, which you will craft, develop, and finish. The level of professional guidance and mentorship provided to you by The Illustration Academy is dependent on the learning package you select. This is a general overview of the workshops. Each workshop is taught according to what is relevant to the subject matter and industry.

The First Saturday

  • You receive assignment.
  • You are offered descriptions of the assignment and how to proceed.
  • Brief explanation of industry process (This process parallels the communication professional artists share with an industry client).
  • Lecture or demonstration by the instructing artist on developing an image.

The Second Saturday

  • Critiques of student’s process work. We select a variety of submitted assignments to critique that communicate relevant topics, challenges, and obstacles most effectively to students. Not all students are selected for public critiques. 
  • Thumbnail review.
  • Value study.
  • Color study.

The Third Saturday

  • Critiques of student’s finished assignment (Not all students receive a public critique).

About Our Online Workshops

With our online platform, you join a close-knit community and gain access to live, interactive, online instruction featuring the best illustrators in the industry. We're talking about real connections, real mentors, and customized information and experiences.

We believe the best illustrators are a product of great ambition paired with diligent teaching and mentoring. Our career-focused approach to education is pretty simple: connect aspiring artists with the best illustrators in the game. Students are exposed to an immersive educational environment that explores and maps out the secrets to the illustration industry. Our mission is to shorten the gap that exists between the student and the working professional.

Timmy Trabon