Become an Ambassador


To qualify, share our information with artists who might be interested in attending. If the student credits you with their decision, you will be eligible for one free week.


During the application process, the referred attendee must list your full name and institution for you to receive a free attendance to one week of The Academy.

Tag along

For each eligible student you refer to our 5-week on ground workshop, we will credit you with one free week of attendance at The Academy.

Promotional Material

If you would like promotional material to share, provide your mailing address and we'll send something your way!


To be an Illustration Academy Ambassador, you must currently teach at a high school or college. To receive your free tuition-free week at The Academy, the referred attendee must list your full name and institution in their application.

* High School seniors or recent graduates are encouraged to provide a portfolio or collection of work before enrolling. This is a challenging, college-level illustration program. 
** Not all students are accepted to attend The Illustration Academy. For an instructor to be eligible for The Illustration Academy's Ambassador Program, the referred attendee must be accepted into the The Illustration Academy. Weeks will sell out. 
*** If a recruited student signs up for individual weeks opposed to the full program, the recruiting instructor or alumni will be credited with a 20% discount per week purchased by the recruited student.  This does not include airfare, lodging, or meals. Instructors can earn up to five weeks of tuition-free attendance at The Illustration Academy.
- Offer available for limited time only.
- As soon as the artist you referred reserves their spot and lists your referral at The Illustration Academy, it is up to the instructor or alumni to contact The Illustration Academy to book and confirm their visit at The Illustration Academy. The Ambassador program is first come first serve based on scheduling your visit. 
- This opportunity is available to summer workshop alumni and instructors from high school and colleges. Eligibility will be considered on a case-by-case basis outside of those parameters.