+ I want to attend! What do I do first?

If you want to attend, you need to complete our application. Doing so, you will qualify for a free portfolio review by our program director (this does not require or imply any commitment). Once you are accepted into the program, you must complete your tuition or post a deposit to reserve your spot. You can apply here: www.theillustrationacademy.com/application.

+ Where is the workshop?

We are happy to call Kansas City, our headquarters. Kansas City offers a rich history of creative culture, innovation, and commercial artwork. Our program is hosted on the Rockhurst University campus. This iconic location is within walking distance of the Nelson Atkins Museum, The Kemper Museum, the Country Club Plaza, Westport, and a number of other outstanding art venues. We highly encourage attendees to explore the city as their skills evolve and change, especially for sketchbook development.

+ Is the Academy right for me?

The Academy accepts attendees from a wide span of experience. While technical application is critical to becoming a great illustrator, we believe the Academy can be an invaluable experience for beginners to advanced illustrators. The information is relevant to the industry and is designed to guide and assist attendees in building careers. Sometime, our most ambitious and dedicated artists are the most successful attendees, despite their lack of experience. If you're ready to work hard and illustrate your heart out, this program is for you.

+ I am a beginner artist. Is the Illustration Academy right for me?

Yes! In many ways, this program levels the playing field for both experienced and new artists. We don't believe art education is a one size fits all process. There is a lot of one-on-one guidance. This tailor-fit experience allows artists of all experience levels to accelerate at our program.

+ I work professionally as an artist. Is the Illustration Academy right for me?

Yes! Many of our attending artists come from professional backgrounds. In the past, we have had designers, illustrators, and artists from companies such as Apple, Disney, Pixar, and other major studios attend our program. The workshops are taught by iconic artists, so there is something to learn for everyone. Many of our instructing mentors often say they wish they could visit as a attendee.

+ What is your refund policy?

You can learn about our refund policy at www.theillustrationacademy.com/rates. Please contact hello@theillustrationacademy.com if you have additional questions.

+ Can I work digitally during my attendance?

Yes! We have a substantial number of instructing mentors who work digitally and who will certainly be sharing their digital skills. All mediums are welcome.

+ Can I work only with traditional materials during my attendance?

Absolutely. A great number of our instructing mentors work with traditional mediums.

+ What is the day-to-day schedule like?

Learn more about the day-to-day schedule here: www.theillustrationacademy.com/workshop-about

+ How long are the workshops?

Each workshop is 7 days in length. Students arrive on Sunday and leave the following Sunday. Attendees have the option to attend individual workshops a la carte or have the option to attend all 4 Workshops. Attending all 4 Workshops is the most immersive experience and is offered at a discounted rate.

+ What are the important dates I need to know?

November 9: Early Bird Pricing Closes

+ Who can I contact with questions about the program?

You can reach us by email at hello@theillustrationacademy.com or by phone (816) 459-0323.

+ What supplies do I need for the Academy?

All attendees are encouraged to have a laptop. Wifi is available. Attendees must provide their own supplies while attending the Academy, with the exception of paper for figure drawing classes. Attendees will be required to purchase the specified paper at the appropriate time. There are several affordable art supplies stores located around Kansas City and attendees will be directed towards these resources. In addition, once every other week a local art store, Creative Cold Snow, visits our location on campus and sells a select variety of art supplies.

+ Is there a printer in the Activities Center/Artist Workshop?

No there is not. Attendees have access to the Rockhurst College's facility, the Copy Cave, which is in the basement of Massman Hall. You can learn more about this extremely affordable resource here.

+ I am attending all 4 Workshops. When should I arrive in KC?

Non local attendees attending all 4 weeks of The Illustration Academy should arrive in Kansas City the first Sunday of the Workshop 1. We host an orientation in the evening. We recommend against non-local attendees arriving on Monday - you will likely miss important information Monday morning.

+ I want to arrive in Kansas City early, can I book extra nights on campus?

Unfortunately, no. We are not able to book housing at Rockhurst before or after our Workshops' scheduled dates.

+ I am not attending all 4 Workshops, but I am attending individual Workshops. When should I arrive in Kansas City?

If you are attending individual Workshops, please be sure to review the Student Guide PDF issued to all Illustration Acdemy students. This guide includes all information regarding arrival times and how to prepare for day 1.

+ What should I do first when I arrive in Kansas City, MO?

Check your Student Guide! All information related to your stay on campus is covered in great detail.

+ I am staying on campus, what do I need to bring?

Rockhurst housing includes twin XL beds, furniture, bathrooms, shared fridges, microwaves and stovetops in the kitchens. Housing is not equipped with towels, toilet paper, bath mats, sheets, pillows, bedding, paper towels, kitchen utensils like pots, pans, cutlery, or other home goods. We suggest imagining you are moving into a dorm. Bring everything you may need.

+ I will not have a car in Kansas City, how will I commute?

All of our events are hosted at Rockhurst College. There are grocery stores and restaurants within 10-20 minute walking distances. Due to our attendance size, we cannot provide rides for attendees. We encourage attendees to carpool with one another. In addition, attendees have the option of using Uber or public transit such as Ride KC.

+ I don't want to miss anything. When should I go to lunch, dinner, or the store?

Check your schedule and check The Illustration Academy Slack channel you are provided. All scheduling is listed in advance and is updated in Slack.

+ What is The Illustration Academy's drinking and drug policy?

The Illustration Academy has a zero tolerance policy for posession and/or use of alcohol and drugs. Attendees with possession of alcohol or drug substances on Rockhurst campus will be immediately dismissed from the Illustration Academy and will not be refunded for any costs associated with their stay.

+ Is Rockhurst College a secure campus?

Rockhurst is a closed campus, meaning only attendees or faculty associated with Rockhurst University or approved programs may be on campus. Their campus security actively patrols campus on a 24/7 basis. There are blue, emergency phone stations around campus. Attendees are encouraged to use these if they ever feel they are in danger. Campus parking facility is a gated area that requires security card access for drivers and pedestrians. Attendee housing is gated, attendees may also contact Rockhurst security at any time by calling (816) 501-4010. The Campus Security Department does an excellent job of creating a safe environment. Attendees can utilize emergency blue phones found throughout campus if they have an emergency. Attendees can also request for a Security escort if they feel unsafe.

+ What happens if my personal belongings are stolen

Rockhurst is a completely secure campus. However, all attendees are responsible for protecting their personal property and ensuring that property is securely maintained. The Illustration Academy is not responsible or liable for the loss, theft, or damage of property on campus. Even though the Student Workshop is locked 24/7, we recommend attendees do not leave valuable items in the Student Workshop unattended. Attendees may wish to obtain renter's insurance for the protection of their belongings.

+ Can I digitally record the demonstrations or lectures?

To record any events at The Illustration Academy, we request that attendees have the permission of the instructing artist and that no lecture or demonstration is posted in 100% entirety online. We definitely love attendees sharing their experience at The Illustration Academy and strongly encourage doing so.

+ I cannot contact my son or daughter, who can I contact to reach them?

Please call (816) 459-0323 if you have any issues contacting your son or daughter.