Francis Vallejo

Editorial, Publishing, and Sequential Illustrator · painter

Francis Vallejo

Francis Vallejo

Francis Vallejo is an award-winning, American artist residing in Detroit whose works have been exhibited in major national publications, art galleries, and museums. Vallejo earned his Bachelor’s degree from Ringling College of Art + Design in Sarasota, Florida, and has since created artwork for a host of notable clients including Candlewick Press, Snapple, VIBE, and Camelbak.

He has shown in The Anchorage Museum, The Society of Illustrator’s Museum of American Illustration, Gallery Nucleus, and Pixar studios. Vallejo recently debuted “Jazz Day,” written by Roxane Orgill and published by Candlewick Press, winning the 2016 Boston Globe Horn Book award for best Picture Book among other accolades. He is an Assistant Professor of Illustration at the College for Creative Studies. Vallejo’s work can be characterized by traditional media experimentation with a heavy foot in classical picture making and draftsmanship.


Voice of the Wilderness
The Anchorage Museum. Anchorage, AK 2014.
The Art of the Pin Up
Gallery Nucleus. Los Angeles, CA 2011.
Quinquennium Exhibition
Gallery Nucleus. Los Angeles, CA 2011.
Jab, Strong Fierce
Gallery Nucleus. Los Angeles, CA 2011.
Origins: Works by Austin McCormick, Kyung Soon Park, and Francis Vallejo
Subtext Gallery, San Diego. CA 2009.
Totoro Forest Project
Pixar Studios. Emeryville. CA 2008. 
Le Dans Macabre
Spurious Fugitive. South Bend, IN 2008.


Candlewick Press
Vibe Magazine
Phidias Gold
Credit Card Finder
Crazy Joe Games
Moloko+ Magazine
2dArtist Magazine
Push LLC.
Pencil Kings
Imperial Trading Co
Concept Cafe Advertising
Chivalry Contego
Vitamin Pictures


Spectrum 14-16
Totoro Forest Project
Dolor 3
Masters of Anatomy
Mikosa 5
3x3 Annual 5
Society of Illustrator 51
Society of Illustrators LA 47