2019 Instructors

More artists to be announced soon. 



Scheduled Speakers & mentors*

More artists to be announced soon!


Past Mentors include:

  • John English

  • Mark English

  • George Pratt

  • Jeffrey Alan Love

  • Jon Foster

  • Vanesa R. Del Rey

  • Natalie Hall

  • Brent Watkinson

  • Brad Holland

  • Bill Carman

  • Bill Koeb

  • Karla Ortiz

  • Wesley Burt

  • Francis Vallejo

  • Francis Livingston

  • Edward Kinsella

  • Bill Sienkiewicz

  • Gary Kelley

  • C. F. Payne

  • Sterling Hundley

  • Victo Ngai

  • Andrea Wicklund

  • and many more!

* Disclaimer: We book working professionals. Due to the artist's professional obligations, we do not assume responsibility if an artist changes or cancels their attendance at any Illustration Academy workshop. Please view our scheduling updates here.