Referral Agreement

  • Payouts for your referral will be mailed by check April 30.

  • The commission is only based on payments made for tuition and does not include hard-cost payments for housing or materials made by students.

  • A commission will not be issued in the instance a student is issued a refund within our refund deadlines.

    • Under special circumstances, we have the right to refund a student beyond the refund deadline. This is most commonly related to extraordinary circumstances.

    • In any instance a payment is refunded or failed to be paid, the commission will be put on hold until the payment is made. If the payment is refunded or not made under any circumstance, the commission will not be paid.

  • Until further notice, this referral program will be available until Dec. 31. Discount codes will expire at midnight and referrals will not be redeemable past this date.