Workshop Five

(June 24 - July 1)

The fifth in-person summer workshop is an intense week of learning led by a young team of accomplished illustrators, who will share current information related to the visual arts industry. This workshop features an Eisner Award-winning graphic novel artist, an acclaimed writer and visual storyteller, an accomplished editorial illustrator, and a groundbreaking concept artist in the gaming & motion picture industry, and a renowned commercial and editorial artist.

Natalie hall · Vanesa Del Rey · JOHN ENGLISH

Attending Artists

The fifth in-person summer workshop features guest artist mentors, Edward Kinsella, Vanesa Del Rey, George Pratt, and John English This career-oriented and network-focused workshop revolves around the specialties, skills, and accomplished careers of these five world renowned artists.

The Assignment

On Monday, students will be given an assignment by the visiting instructors. The assignment will be reviewed and critiqued one-on-one with the  instructors throughout the week. On Friday, the visiting instructors lead a constructive group critique of each student's finished piece.  

The Day-to Day

When students aren't attending a lecture, demo, or critiques, they will be hard at work completing their assignment. Figure drawing is hosted three nights a week, maximizing the student's exposure to drawing and creative development. 

$1,199.99 tuition · $179.99 Deposit