Summer Workshops

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We connect aspiring creatives with the best artists in the game. Students are exposed to an immersive environment that maps out the secrets to the art industry. We bridge the gap that exists between the student and the professional. 


Career Focused

Everything about The Academy embraces industry-relevant skills and abilities. All of the information is current and applicable to help you build a career as an artist.

All-Star Instructors

Our mentors are industry-leaders.  These iconic artists share their secrets and take you under their wing. This opens doors and creates boundless opportunities. 

Community Focused

Student artists attend our workshop from all over the world to advance their skills and build their careers. You will quickly make friends with a global network of artists.


Complete Immersion

Our workshops are based on great picture-making. Drawing, ideation, storytelling and composition are the foundation of personal development. Simply put, the best artists understand advanced picture-making. 



Mentors deliver tutorials on the conceptualization and application of their work. Each mentor offers a unique perspective, providing a variety of information. (3-5 every week)


Instructors explain in great detail the development of their career, including technique, skill, networking, marketing, social media, and entrepreneurial strategy. (3-5 every week)


Each week, students are assigned a number of projects from the visiting instructors. Each assignments all vary and often relate the visiting artist's style, technique or industry. (1 every week)


The Illustration Academy hosts figure drawing, featuring nude models. Instructors draw with the students, allowing students to observe and learn from a exceptionally advanced drawers. (2-3 every week).


There are frequent constructive, group critiques. Every student receives one-on-one feedback from the visiting and resident artists to better improve and develop their assigned work. 
(4-5 every week)


Our instructing artists are mentors. Almost everyday, students have the opportunity to receive personal insight on their assignment from any of the visiting artists.
(4-5 every week)

Students can attend weeks individually à la carte or enroll in all five at a discount.


Daily Access to Industry Leaders


Our program guides students to comprehend the variables, skills, and techniques that make illustrations better. We prepare artists to perform at a professional level.

The weekly projects parallel assignments working artists receive work from art directors, commercial clients, or publishers. The deadlines are tight and the artist is provided technical and practical parameters for the usage of the work.