INDustry-Driven  Illustration Workshops


Summer 2019 · Kansas City, MO


Jon Foster, IA Mentor


Workshops For Career-seeking Artists


5 Workshops.
15 Industry Pros.

Attend a single workshops or all five workshops. 


Vanesa  R. Del Rey, IA Mentor

Industry Professionals as Mentors

Learn one-on-one from visual artists who are hired by iconic brands in the entertainment, publishing, and editorial industry.


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Wesley Burt

Their Words, Not Ours

“Attending the Academy was like getting the keys to the kingdom. It opens doors and establishes relationships.
— Ted Kinsella, Graduate & Mentor
It’s bootcamp for artists.
— Vanesa R. Del Rey, Marvel Comic Book Artist · Graduate & Mentor
The mentors at the Academy approach teaching as mentors. There’s no better way to do it.
— Mark English, Workshop Co-founder

A lecture presented by Edward Kinsella III:

How to become a Professional Illustrator