Google Commissions Gary Kelley for Data Center Mural

Google recently unveiled their latest project, Data Center Murals, which featured a monotype by famed artist and 2017 Illustration Academy instructor, Gary Kelly. Displayed on the side of a Google data center, located in Council Bluffs, Iowa, Gary Kelley's mural is one of the largest reproductions of a monotype print ever. 

For hundreds of years, Council Bluffs has acted as a central network of information. Coincidentally, it is now home to a Google data center, which serves users internationally. Gary Kelley's monotype tells a visual narrative of this history through several monotype images, from Lewis and Clark to today.

The reproduction of the monotype is hand painted, similarly to the original.

Gary Kelley is instructing during week 1 of The Illustration Academy along with Mark English, George Pratt, and John English.  The Illustration Academy is a career-focused program with the mission of bridging the gap between art students and the illustration industry. Students may attend individual weeks à la carte or enroll in all 5 workshops. The program is scheduled for June 11 - July 15, 2017.

You can learn more about Google's Data Center Mural Project here.



Timmy Trabon